We will walk you through the entire home building process from plan selection (no matter if it's your plan or ours), pricing, build and completion of warranty and everything in between.

1a) Plans

We will work with our clients to design finalized plans that meet all applicable code requirements and most importantly our clients vision for their build. Our draftsman will generate scaled drawings from client input. These preliminary plans are then reviewed by client and builder, marked up with desired changes and then returned to our draftsman. This step is repeated until our client is totally satisfied that their home plan drawings meet their vision.

1b) Pricing

After finalized plans are completed, we work with clients and breakout any portion of your build to compare options in effort to bring your dream home vision in line with your budget.

1c) Construction

Throughout construction we guide clients through material selection as needed and keep them up to date on the status of their build.

1d) Warranty

Your satisfaction is our main goal. Throughout your warranty we will be their to address any and all issues you may have a concern on. The appropriate action will be promptly initiated to correct an issue once we hear of a client concern throughout the warranty period.